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If you have always dreamed of flying and seeing the world from above, combined with a lot of adrenaline and beautiful views, then a tandem paraglider flight is just for you!

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Kayaking adventures are one of our favorite activities and another good alternative to cool off on hot days and combine the fun with the healthy while having fun with friends.

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horseback ride

Horse riding will give you a very strong connection with nature. You will be amazed at how many beautiful places these wonderful animals can take you.

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Bike tour

България е страната на неограничените възможности от към велосипедни локации. Предлагаме планинско и шосейно колоездене с много живописни и разнообразни маршрути съобразени с нивото на туристите.

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Combined adventures

Готови ли сте за истинско приключение?