Tandem paraglider flight
Tandem paraglider flight
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Paragliding is the easiest and most affordable way to touch the sky.
If you have always dreamed of feeling true freedom and looking at the world from a bird's eye view, this unforgettable experience is just for you!

Familiarization flight with a winch
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Tandem flight from a winch is performed from a level place.

he service is very suitable for people who have never flown before and want to try this unforgettable experience. It can also be used for larger group competitions, events and team building.

Beginner Course
Beginner Course
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Are you ready to take matters into your own hands?
It is safer than riding a bike in Sofia.

Guiding & Shuttle
Guiding & Shuttle
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Need an experienced instructor or just want to discover new places to fly?

Don't hesitate to contact us!

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Winch flight

Our company is the only one in Bulgaria that performs such kind of tandem flights.
A winch is a device that attaches to a car or boat and helps to gain height extremely smoothly and pleasantly.
Полетите се провеждат на равно място, най-често край София и Сапарева баня.
Апаратурата е подходяща за големи групи, събития тиймбилдинг.

Discounts for groups of more than 6 people.

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Mountain flights

Flying from a mountain is the cheapest and most accessible way to touch the sky. Our country has all kinds of places to practice paragliding. Our preferred destinations are Vitosha, Lift Sopot, Chepan-Dragomansko blato, Konyavska mountain, Borovets, Bansko. After reaching the designated take-off location and conducting a short safety briefing, we will prepare our equipment, which includes two paraglider harnesses (seats), a spare parachute, helmets and a Gopro or Insta360 action camera.
To take off as easily as possible we will need to take a few steps after which you can sit comfortably in the harness and enjoy the brand new space you have just found yourself in.
The dose of adrenaline is determined by you during the flight.
He can be extremely calm as well as very extreme at the same time.

We offer three types of flights
Panoramic (15-20min)
Cross country 60 min flight with longer duration and altitude.
Acro - Flight with the execution of dynamic maneuvers with a significant overload up to 3-4 Ж

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Courses for novice pilots

Paragliding courses last 10 days and are held in Sofia and the surrounding area.
Includes full flying gear (Paraglider, harness, spare parachute, helmet, radio, quick jump bag)
– Transportation to all flight locations (at least 3-4 different departures)
and lift tickets included.
-Insurance for 30 days from the start of the course.
- logbook
- АPPI 1 APPI 2 Certificate
-Simulation of emergency situations

Classes are practical and theoretical.
The conduct of the practical classes is tailored to the weather conditions and the progression of each student.
Нашата цел е достигането на ниво от индивидуалност и увереност в обучаващите се след завършване на курса, практичните заниатия могат да продължат с останалите практикуващи групи от предишните курсове.

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If you are a beginner pilot and have not yet explored the flying places around you or need an instructor, do not hesitate to contact us and join our group and

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